Monday, October 19, 2009

Munchen - Day 1

The flight from LAX to London Heathrow was quite uneventful, apart from my desperate attempt to reach over to grab my neighbor's motion sickness bag. I left L.A. with one of my rare but annoying migraines. The first hour was hellish as I squirmed in my window seat trying to decided whether I should disturb the couple blocking my way to the aisle. I regretted my decision to choose this spot I was in and swore to never ever choose a window seat again. But I survived the trip, nonetheless. British Airways doesn't have the greatest selection of inflight movies, by the way. The "Dark Knight"? C'mon. That came out ages ago. I was looking for "Coco Chanel." I settled in with my iPod touch and listened to music until the last hour in the air.

The view over London was beautiful as expected. I saw Buckingham Palace, the Thames and possibly Top Shop and again regretted not scheduling my trip so that I'd spend a few days in jolly ol' England. This was okay, though, in the end. Munich and Paris were my destinations -- and rightfully so. There is a time for England and a time for the rest of Europe, afterall.

After going through customs at Munich International, I picked up my 24 kg bag (yes, I went over the weight limit, but I did not get charged) and a few other bags from the baggage claim area and proceeded to the exit. I was met with the warm, smiling faces of my dear friends Michael and Stephanie. After excited embraces and patting Steph's eight-month old pregnant tummy, we hopped into the car and drove off to their cozy little apartment in the city. We had a pasta dinner and the best home made apple strudel courtesy of Michael's mom, an avid baker.

Currently, as I type this, it is about 12:30am and I am munching on Milka Knusper Kugeln made with Espresso. They're delectable chocolate balls made with a crisp center rolled in cocoa powder. Surprisingly, I'm not wired and jet lag has gone after just one day. I think I'm on Euro time now. I'm falling asleep. So this is it for today. Good night folks.

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